My Life…

Hello fellow mommies, women, and lovers of life! I’m Joey. Mom of three (so far), wife to the amazing Bobby, hairstylist, dog mom to a chihuahua named Rex, and an avid supporter of adoption and foster care!

This blod/vlog/podcast will be about life, mom stuff, adoption, transracial adoption,    foster care, and all the tid-bits in between! Real life. Sometimes messy. Sometimes awesome. Always real.

A little about me; I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 15 years. He’s one of my biggest supporters, and I couldn’t go through this life without him! I have three amazing children! One 10 yo bio-son named Dom, a 21 yo adopted daughter named Megan, and our newest addition “J” who’s 10. (until it’s made official he will have to be “J”, six months and counting!)

This is a real-life, real-talk avenue about mom stuff and the things we go through as moms and women, all forms of adoption from private infant, international and via foster care, transracial adoption and all of our amazingly different family dynamics, and the crazy, difficult, happy, hilarious and what the… moments of raising a family.