Our Journey – The Beginning

I always got in trouble for talking in school. Kindergarten through senior year. It’s not my fault, I have a higher than normal word quota I have to hit every day. Now as an adult, I still like to talk, and I also like to connect with people and help them and learn from them, and for us to be a support system for each other through this crazy thing called life.

So, hello mamas, beautiful women, and like-minded lifestyle peeps, and welcome to my blog! I hope through this blog I can be a window into the life of me as a mom and all of my good mom moments and not-so-good mom moments, our life of foster care and adoption, and all of the in-between moments of life.

So how did we enter into the realm of foster care and adoption? Well, when I was 23 my husband and I started to try to have kids. We thought it was going to be a pretty run-of-the-mill normal experience. Have some “adult time”, buy those super sexy high-waisted maternity pants, get a diaper genie, learn to breath, push, push, boom, baby! Not so much for me. It turns out I’m not good at getting pregnant or staying pregnant. I was diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, and the third musketeer Adenomyosis. A few years, a few miscarriages, and an ectopic pregnancy later, I finally was able to get pregnant and stay pregnant with our son! I was 25, and he was perfect!

However, round two of baby-making for me proved to not be what was in the cards. I had another miscarriage, a false pregnancy, and many months of nothing at all. We attempted fertility treatments, but my uterus wasn’t on board with that plan either. So after those didn’t work, my husband and I decided to grow our family a different way. That’s when we started to do foster care, and to look into adoption. We did foster care for about 7 years, and within those years we adopted our daughter, Meg at the age of 15. Was a teenage girl what we thought we would adopt when we started this process? Not at all!  But God proved to have other plans, and we couldn’t be happier with the plans He had! I was 31, and she was perfect.

It’s been about 5 years since Meg joined our family, and now we are in the process of adopting again! We moved from Oregon to Arizona, so we had to find an agency, re-do our training, get re-certified, re-fingerprinted, all the steps to becoming “legal” to adopt in our new state. The process here is much different than in Oregon, and moved much quicker! Especially since we were looking to adopt an older child again. A few months down the road and here we are! Matched with our son! Our newest addition is “J” and he is 10. I’m 36, and he too, is perfect.

Growing to a family of five is what inspired me to write this blog. Our daughter has White and Native American roots, and our newest son is mixed; White and African American, and my husband, son and I are White. We all have different backgrounds, different personalities, and help to make up our beautiful, imperfectly-perfect little family. Sometimes life gets me crazy, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but I love every minute. And born out of these moments will be the meat and potatoes of my posts. They’ll be honest, real, sometimes raw, funny, and always authentic.

This is my life, and right now, life got me like……


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